My Foundation for Self-Reliance was created by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to provide members a spiritual foundation for self-reliance.  Although designed  to teach members that self reliance begins with faith and a desire to live the principles of salvation, anyone could participate and develop their own foundation upon which they can build their own self reliance.

Almost everyone would like to become more self-reliant and in better control of their destiny.  Such independence brings greater freedom and harmony in our lives.  However, we must also understand the greater purpose, else our efforts might be misguided.  It is not for ourselves that we strive for self-reiliance, but for others.  We know that we are connected to each other as families and friends, and it is this happy union that will bring lasting joy to our lives.

"My Foundation for Self-Reliance" is free and can be downloaded by clicking >>>>HERE<<<<.
Arizona Self Reliance Headquarters