Created by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, "My Path for Self-Reliance" introduces principles that govern becoming more self-reliant.  Although designed for use at LDS Church meetings or member homes in a group setting, the principles contain within this pamphlet can be applied to anyone, anywhere. 

Individuals interested in becoming more self-reliant can begin their venture through self evaluation.  "My Path For Self Reliance" is
FREE and can be downloaded by clicking  >>>> HERE.<<<<.

Detailed workbooks covering areas such as jobs, education, money management, business management can be  downloaded free or ordered from  Check the links below:


Often the path to self reliance is connected with our employment or lack of employment.  Learn how to find a better job through understanding more clearly the fundamentals.

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Learn how to have more control over your finances, eliminate or avoid debt, plan and invest for the future, and protect against financial hardships.

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Learn how to select the best program of study based on your interests, the job market and other factors that can determine your  success in reaching your personal goals.

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Learn how to start or improve your business, to include acquiring a knowledge of critical success factors such as  understanding your market, product development & pricing, improving customer relations, sales management, growing your business, etc.

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