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Nearly everyone desires the freedom that money can provide, but fewer know how to manage it in such a way that they can become independent or just keep their heads above the water.   Even individuals who win the lottery, or earn millions of dollars from their careers risk losing all they have.  WHY?

A big part of money management is learning to live within our means.  Another part is knowing more about the BASICS.

Many individuals believe if they could only make more money they would be okay.  But the truth is most who make more money also spend more money.  The KEY is to have short and long term personal financial goals and a monitoring system that confirms your progress.

Self Reliance requires discipline.  Learning how to set up and maintain a financial budget is one of the first steps.  If you have access to a computer, tablet or smartphone, there are apps that can help you setup and manage a budget.  A few of these apps are listed below.  Individuals who are familiar with spreadsheets could also create their own personal budgets.  To view spreadsheet examples click HERE.  Otherwise consider joining a local group to learn more about Personal Finances.  For your convenience, a link to the "Personal Finances for Self Reliance" handbook is shown to the left.

AZSRHQ does not endorse any financial apps, programs or services.  Comments are based on composite reviews and links are for the convenience of the public. Any information contained therein is the responsibility of the individual to determine its validity or appropriate use.

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Below are links to independent reviews.   There are many personal finance apps to choose from and more often than not the app that works best for you depends on your needs or how you earn and spend money.  Individuals that primary use cash need only a simple budget app.  Check out the budget apps located on Google play for android (click on the Google Play Icon on the left), or go to Apple iTunes.

Individuals that use Personal Checks or Credit/Debit Cards to pay bills or make purchases might consider one of the above apps.  Most of these apps connect directly with all of your accounts making it easier to manage your money and track your expenditures.  Most of these apps are available for your smart phone, tablet or pc with automatic device synching and account updating.

All of the above apps are free with the exception of Quicken and YNAB.  Most of these apps are cloud based. 
Mint has proven to be one of the more popular of the personal finance apps and is supported by the Intuit company owners of Quicken, QuickBooks and Turbo Tax.

The primary advantage of using a cloud based app is the ability to see all of your accounts in a single glance, automate the process of accounting for your income and expenses, and see more clearly where you are with regards to meeting your budget or reaching your goals. 

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