Food Sources
LDS Home Storage Centers

LDS Home Storage Centers are
open to members as well as the general public.  Established to provide individuals and families basic long term food storage items.  Click on the image above to learn more about LDS Home Storage Centers or to download an order form.

In the Arizona White Mountains Home Storage Centers are located in Snowflake and St. Johns.
641 South Main Street
Snowflake, AZ 85937                Tele: 928-536-3458
St. Johns
155 East Commercial
St. Johns, AZ 85936                Tele: 928-337-3245
Commercial On-Line Food Storage Centers
(shop and compare values from all listed sources)

Emergency Essentials ( has a large variety of long term food storage items as well as Water Storage and Emergency Gear and Kits.  Their shipping costs have been very reasonable as well.  Check out this source by clicking on the image above.
Arizona Self Reliance Headquarters

My Patriot Supply ( has a large variety of emergency survival food, Heirloom Seeds, Water Filtration Systems, as well as other Survival Essentials.  Check out this source by clicking on the image above.  Free Shipping on orders over $79.

Prepare Wise ( provides its customers with a wide variety of Survival Food, Gear, Water Filtration, Storage and Pump systems, and Emergency or off-grid fuel and power.  Free Shipping in Continential U.S.  Click on the image above for more information.